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Our future depends on exploring all the frontiers of science, on innovative technologies based on these explorations and on the development of scientific literacy in all peoples through science education.

Science at home and school

All of my science books have activities in them. If the children are reading them at home they may like to try some. All the activities can be done with simple equipment and materials that are usually found in most homes or can be purchased in local shops.

The activities in the books are traditional ones that have been used by many generations of children or are variations on them. They may stimulate your children to try other experiments and while we should encourage creativity and imagination it should be tempered by a consideration for safety which involves common sense, adult supervision and guidance from such sources as Be Safe! fourth edition by the Association for Science Education ISBN 978 0 86357 426 9. For more details of this science association and its activities visit its website at

Setting up a laboratory at home or at school

Your children may want a place to store their equipment of investigations or display their photographs or collections of rocks or pot plants. If there is space let the set up a laboratory. They could print off the sheets about the scientific method and stick them up around their lab to remind them of how to investigate.

The lab will need shelves for display of equipment, a cork board for display of photographs, a table for carrying out the experiments, a drawer in which to keep the lab book where a record of each enquiry is made.

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