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Teaching Primary Science

About Teaching Primary Science

Teaching Primary Science is part of a brand new series for primary teachers that provides a full guide to teaching a primary curriculum area, particularly for non-specialists.

The contents are closely tied to the new curriculum, with extracts from the curriculum itself and lesson plans and teaching ideas for every area to give non-specialists everything they need to confidently deliver engaging and well-informed lessons that account for the changes in the National Curriculum.

The book provides a very practical and easy to apply programme for teaching Science either in your own classroom, or to implement across the school in the role of a co-ordinator.

Peter’s comments

I was asked by Bloomsbury to write this book to address the new primary science curriculum in England, with particular consideration for teachers who were just beginning their careers and those who were not specialist science teachers.

The introduction to every chapter beings with a section called “What does the curriculum say?” Which is followed by a section called “What do I need to know?” There then follows a section of vocabulary before the introduction ends with information on how the chapter links with others in the book to track progression and sections on technical tips and useful websites.

There are three lesson in each chapter. Each lesson begins by identifying the working scientific skills to be developed in the activities and the type of scientific enquiry that is carried out. There is a list of items to collect for the activities and a getting started section to set the scene and context for the practical work. Every lesson ends with a plenary where advice is given on how to draw the various strands of the lesson together to reinforce learning.

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