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Macmillan Masters Book Series

These two books in this series have been written for GCSE, IGCSE, as an introduction to A level, for further and adult education and a general readership.

Mastering Biology (3rd edition)
Mastering Chemistry (2nd edition)
Resources and downloads for Mastering Biology and Mastering Chemistry

Mastering Biology (3rd edition)

This book was written to meet the needs of all GCSE Biology examination syllabuses in the UK and to meet the requirements of first year college courses world wide.

O F G Kilgour, the author of previous editions, was an Examiner, Head of Department, Senior Lecturer in Further Education and also a full time writer for many years. I was asked to prepare the third edition of this book by contributing revisions, objectives, summaries and questions for every chapter to bring it up to date. I was honoured to work with him as he was one of my writing heroes when I was starting to write books of my own.

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Mastering Chemistry (2nd edition)

The topics in Mastering Chemistry are presented as a progression beginning with simple concepts and ideas such as the nature of matter and its organization in the structure of the Earth and its atmosphere, then moving onto more complex concepts such as atomic structure and the nature of chemical reactions, their uses in industry and implications for the environment. Each chapter begins with a list of objectives to help the reader focus on the topic. There are questions throughout the text which help in the development of a range of comprehension skills. Questions involving calculations have answers at the back of the book. Each chapter ends with a summary in which each point is page references to help with revision.

I was asked by the author of the first edition to completely rewrite the work to take in changes tthat had occurred in the chemistry syllabuses in the eighteen years since the first edition was published. I have presented the topics in a way that I hope readers, including those with an interest in chemistry but little formal tuition, can build up a secure knowledge of the subject and that the active learning features of text and questioning in the chapters can help prepare them for their examinations.

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Resources and downloads for Mastering Biology and Mastering Chemistry

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