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Our future depends on exploring all the frontiers of science, on innovative technologies based on these explorations and on the development of scientific literacy in all peoples through science education.

Books For The Separate Sciences – Biology Now! Chemistry Now! Physics Now!


Biology Now!
Chemistry Now!
Physics Now!
Resources and downloads for Biology Now! Chemistry Now and Physics Now!


Biology Now! Chemistry Now! and Physics Now! are three books for ages 11-14 covering the requirements of the National Curriculum for science at Key Stage 3, the Common Entrance Examination at 13+ syllabus and equivalent junior science courses. The books contain clear text, colourful illustrations and photographs to fully explain the concepts and encourage background reading. Boxed sections show how scientific ideas have developed and how they are applied in today’s world.

The first editions of the books in this series were written to cover the requirements of the curriculum for the Common Entrance Examination at 13 + , the UK National Curriculum for Science at Key Stage 3 and equivalent junior secondary courses.

These books were published before the QCA Scheme for Science at Key Stage 3. These second editions were prepared with the QCA Scheme in mind while holding to the aims of the first editions. These aims are:

To help students become more scientifically literate by encouraging them to examine information in the text and illustrations to answer questions about it in a variety of ways – for example, discussion questions may be used in work on science and citizenship.

To present science as a human activity by considering the development of scientific ideas from the earliest time to the present day.

To examine applications of scientific knowledge and issues that arise from them.

Throughout there are numerous questions that test a range of skills including comprehension, application, analysis and evaluation, these may be used as a basis for classwork or homework. There are also ‘For discussion’ sections to encourage group discussion.

Biology Now!

Chapters include: The structure of living things, Reproduction, Survival, Looking at living things, Food and digestion, Respiration, Microbes, Ecological relationships, Inheritance and selection, Keeping healthy, How green plants live, Plants for food.

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Chemistry Now!

Chapters on: Introducing Chemistry, Acids and bases, Simple chemical reactions, The world of matter, Separation of mixtures, Elements and atoms, Compounds and mixtures, Rocks and weathering , The rock cycle, Metals and metal compounds, Patterns of reactivity, Chemistry and the environment, Using chemistry.

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Physics Now!

Chapters on: Measurements, Energy, Electricity, Forces, The Solar System and beyond, A closer look at heat energy, Magnetism, Light, Sound, Energy and electricity, Gravity and space, Speed, Pressure and moments.

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Resources and downloads for Biology Now! Chemistry Now! and Physics Now!

Teachers Resource CDROMs


These CDROMs provide the answers to the questions in the pupil’s book, practical activities and investigations with notes for teachers and technicians, photocopiable worksheets to support some activities, end of chapter tests with answers, two tests to be used as preparation for the end of course examinations.

As Head of Science I used to visit the neighbouring primary schools who were sending children to our school in the following year. The aims were to support the teachers in generating an interest in science and to introduce the children to some of the science they would be studying at secondary school. I used this experience in providing the beginning of each of these books with a bridging unit based on with biology, chemistry or physics which teachers might like to use in their own situations with their surrounding schools to help their students get off to a flying start when they begin their secondary science work.

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