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Our future depends on exploring all the frontiers of science, on innovative technologies based on these explorations and on the development of scientific literacy in all peoples through science education.

My visit to Settle School for science day

I was invited to Settle School to take assembly and then take part in their activities for Science Day.

For the assembly I gave a short presentation on how ideas change over time.

Being helped by my grand daughter

Being helped by my grand daughter

In this picture you can see the tables laid out with my ‘props’ starting with the toy rabbit and bunch of carrots to discuss humans as hunter gatherers then moving through establishing how ideas changed over time.

I am assisted by my eldest granddaughter Megan in discussing how we changed our ideas about the earth being the centre of the universe.

On the right are a section of telephones showing how one aspect of technology has changed in my life time (see blog 23rd March).

Speaking into a glove

Speaking into a glove

Here I am talking into a glove telephone. Megan had rigged up a speaker so I could talk into my hand and my voice filled the hall! I The children thought it was a WOW moment.

Making cartesian divers to float up and down in bottle.

Making monsters

Making monsters

Testing the divers

Making monsters

Go here to find out how to make the divers.

Material monsters

Taking time out from making a monster.
Making a material monster

Three eyes but is it just one leg or a tail?
A material monster

Celebrating a win in one class’s competition.
A material monster

You may like to find out more about materials by looking at the film for the Everyday Materials book in my Ways into Science series.

Why not download the free stop and chat feature that goes with this film to discuss materials with your children. At the end of the film is a material monster I made. Perhaps your children would like to make some monsters too. If they do photograph the monsters and send them in to so their pictures can join those from Settle School.

One class took the monster theme forward and made them explode!

One class took the monster theme forward and made them explode! This is a variation on the model volcano experiment.

explosive monster

explosive monster

explosive monster

You may also like to make a really explosive monster by trying the activity in Violent Stuff on page 20-21 of my Real Scientist book called Stuff.

If you make an exploding monster send a photograph of it exploding to and I will put it in our Science Exhibition Gallery to inspire children around the world in science.

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